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Cadca Car Rental

The district town of Cadca is situated near the Jablunkov Pass in the Kysuce region of north-western Slovakia. It lies about 30 km from a major city of Zilina, near the border of Poland and Czech Republic. It is a beautiful town in the Valley of Kysuce River, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges of Javorniky, Turzovska vrchovina and Kysucka. Its unique geographical location gives it an advantage of being the starting point of all the trips to the region. Established in 17th century, Cadca is a modern town with many interesting places for you to visit. To take a pleasurable tour and get close to the interiors of the city, you can rent a car. Hiring a car proves to be a convenient option when it comes to comfortable traveling.

Cadca - Highlights

Cadca lies on a perfect location blessed by a serene ambience and stunning landscapes. The region of Kysuce is a paradise for nature lovers, seeking adventurous summer and winter holidays. You can drive to the tourist-spots located on the hills in Cadca, in your hired car. The mountain ranges have natural trails that you can explore by hiking or biking. Cadca is a famous spot for winter activities; you can enjoy various sports in the nearby resorts like Vel’ka Raca, Makov, Turzovka-Bukovina, etc.

If you are interested in the history and geography of the region, you can visit the Kysuce Museum and Kysuce Gallery and see some nice art exhibitions. Drive your rented car to the nearby city of Zilina, enjoying the beautiful journey. Here you can visit its famous attractions like Museum of Art, Museum of Jewish Culture, Church of Holy Trinity, Budatin Castle, etc.

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