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Brenzo Car Rental

Brenzo Car Rental

The beautiful town of Brenzo lies about 45 km from the city of Banska Bystrica, in the middle of Horehronske podolie valley of Breznianske basin. It is situated on the banks of Hron River, the second largest in Slovakia, and is flanked by the mountain range of Low Tatras and Slovak Ore Mountains. Brenzo is a historically rich town with its establishment dating back to 13th century. The weather of Brenzo is comparatively cooler than other regions in Slovakia, making it an ideal for winter holidays. Whether on an official trip or a recreational tour, you can have a pleasurable stay in Brenzo if you choose to hire a car.

Brenzo - Highlights

Brenzo is a small town offering a big list of attractions to the tourists. Commence a comfortable journey driving your rented car to the Renaissance Building in the town, dating back to 16th century. It was re-built in the late 18th century in a beautiful Baroque architecture. Presently the building houses the , where you can see an exposition displaying the culture and life-circle of the residents of Horehronie region. The Piaristic Monastery is another structure built in Baroque style, where you can see 15th century old painting of St. Barbora and a carving of Holy Madonna carrying a child.

For enjoying various sports and activities of both summer and winter, you can conveniently drive up to the surrounding ranges of Low Tatras in your hired car. The Low Tatras region is a famous tourist destination dotted with many ski-resorts like Jasna and Tale. Jasna is the largest tourist-spot in the vicinity of Liptovsky Mikulas town, famous for water activities like rafting, kayaking, boating, fishing, etc.

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