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Humenne Car Rental

The town of Humenne is situated at the centre of the Humenne district, in the region of Presov, eastern Slovakia. It lies on the foot of majestic Vihorlat Mountains and at the convergence of Cirocha and Laborec Rivers. It is an important centre of commerce and education in the eastern region of Slovakia. Its mains industries include chemical and textile production, constructional engineering and export of the locally produced agricultural products. Humenne has many attractions and is a good starting point for tourists visiting Slovakia. If you want to explore Humenne, you can opt to hire a car and drive down to each of its attractions. A hired car frees you from the time-bindings, letting you to plan your journey according to your wish.

Humenne – Highlights

Dotted with interesting places, Humenne caters to taste of different travelers. For those interested in history, Humenne dots many castles like Jasenov Castle, Brekov Castle and Cicava Castle, which they can explore. Of them the most important is the Renaissance Castle, dating back to 1610. It was reconstructed in the 18th century in Baroque style, and currently houses the Vihorlatské Múzeum and an open air museum. If you wish to explore the diverse flora of the region, you can drive up to the beautiful mountains of Vihorlat in your rented car. These mountains are a home to Morske oko Lake, a National Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy family picnics and go fishing.

If interested in exploring the city-life, you can take a stroll in Humenne’s Town Centre where you can grab a bite of snacks and have a great cup of coffee at various cafes.

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