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Located on the convergence of Danube and Vah Rivers, Komarno is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia. Komarno is the centre of the Danubeland and a cultural centre for the Hungarians living in Slovakia. This town is a part of a town in Hungary, which was divided into two parts, Komarno and Komarom after World War I.


The beautiful historical and cultural sites in Komarno pay testimony to its glorious past. If you want to see all the attractions of Komarno independently, opt for a car hire service from Slovakia Car Rental.

Komarno – Highlights

Amazing tourist attractions are spread around the town of Komarno. You can easily hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental and visit major attractions like ‘The County and Town Halls’, the ‘Courthouse’, ‘St. Andrews Church’, ‘The castle of Komarno’, ‘Danube Museum’, etc.

The ‘Klapka Square’ is an area that has well preserved remains of Komarno's major historical monuments, displaying its splendid past. The ‘Europe Square’ is another tourist attraction located in Central Komarno and has shops, restaurants and buildings from all parts of Europe.

Other attractions of this town include the ‘Europe Place’, located in the heart of Komarno's historical centre and made up of individual buildings each representing different piece of architecture from over 26 European countries. These buildings house shops, banks, restaurants, cafes, etc. making this place functional as well as artistic.
‘Patience Wellness Centre’ is perfect place for the tourists who are looking for fun and relaxation. You can enjoy various types of traditional as well as non traditional massages and traditional spa techniques like water therapy, Finnish sauna, etc.

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