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Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia. Situated on the river Hornad in eastern Slovakia, Kosice is a beautiful and charming city with many fascinating attractions. Popularly known as “the city of peace”, Kosice is the main economic and cultural centre of Eastern Slovakia. This city has a rich heritage, well preserved historic center and a great range of fascinating museums and galleries. Along with being a popular tourist destination, Kosice is also the major economical and industrial hub of eastern Slovakia. Kosice is served by the Kosice International Airport. The travelers arriving at the airport can easily hire a car with Slovakia Car Rental and drive to their desired destinations.


Kosice - Highlights


The most popular historic attractions of Kosice are located along the main street (Hlavná ulica), Square of the liberators (Námestie Osloboditeľov) and Peace Marathon Square (Námestie Maratónu Mieru). Hlavná ulicat, the heart of Kosice has many beautiful attractions like the Saint Elizabeth Cathedral, Urban tower, the Saint Michael Chapel and the State Theater. This city has the maximum number of palaces in Slovakia. Some of the famous palaces include the Former Town Hall, the Bishop's Palace, Pongrácz - Forgács' Palace, the Captain's Palace, the Andrassy's Palace and Jacob’s Palace. Another must see attraction of the city is East Slovak Museum which was built in 1872. Kosice offers enormous shopping opportunities to the travelers. Optima Shopping Center and OC Galéria Košice are the most famous shopping centers of the city.


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