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Levice Car Rental

Located on the left bank of the lower Hron River, Levice is a small town in western Slovakia. Levice lies at the foot of Ipel Hills, in the Danube Lowlands and is located 25 km away from Hungary.


This town is the capital of the Levice District, the largest district in Slovakia and is home to a rich array of flora and fauna. Amazing attractions are spread all over Levice, which attracts a large number of tourists to this town throughout the year. To enjoy all the attractions of Levice, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental.

Levice - Highlights 

From beautiful Roman Churches to Gothic Castles, there is a lot to see in Levice. The visitors can hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental and enjoy major attractions such as ‘The Levice Castle’, ‘St Joseph's Church’, ‘Roman Catholic Church’, ‘Church of the Holy Spirit’ and the ‘Chapel of St Urban’. 

The ‘Schoeller's Mill’ is a complex having various luxury shops, offices, dwellings and other entertainment facilities and is a popular tourist attraction. The ‘Main Square’ in the town has amazing collections for art lovers and has other eminent buildings as well. Located in the suburbs of Levice, the ‘Horsa Valley’ is a rich natural preserve where you can see unique species of plants and animals.

You can also drive your rented car to the nearby ‘Cajkov City’ known for its annual wine harvest festival and ‘Banska Stiavnica’ a preserved medieval city located 40 km of Levice, nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Why Choose Slovakia Car Rental?

Hiring a car from Slovakia Car Rental is a perfect way to explore Levice and its surrounding areas. Slovakia Car Rental offers the travellers with the flexibility to drive at their own terms and explore this marvellous city at the lowest cost. By booking the car in advance online or on phone, the travellers can get a car at the lowest car rental rates.