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Located in the Valley of river Nitra, the city of Nitra is one of the ancient cities in western Slovakia. It is the fifth largest and one of the oldest cities in Slovakia. Situated at the foot of majestic Zobor Mountain in the Danubian lowland, Nitra is a city of extraordinary historic importance.


This city is the political and cultural centre of ‘Kraj’, the Nitra District. From beautiful historic monuments to amazing shopping places, Nitra has some thing for everyone. If you want to enjoy all the attractions in and around this city, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental.    

Nitra – Highlights

Nitra has numerous attractions spread in its every corner. The most popular tourist attraction of Nitra is the ‘Nitra Castle’, a National cultural monument that is located in the old town of Nitra. This castle encloses the ‘Emmeram's Cathedral’, a beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral and the picturesque statue of Sts. Cyril and Methodius are located at the foot of this Castle.

The tourists can also enjoy tourist attractions like the ‘Pribina's Square’, the ‘Synagogue’, ‘The Nitra State Gallery’, the ‘Nitra Museum’ and the ‘Church of St. Michael the Archangel’, one of the oldest churches in Slovakia. The ‘Saint Stephen Church’ is the oldest church of Slovakia and a must see when you are in Nitra city.
Nitra is a shopper’s paradise for the people who are fond of shopping. There are five big shopping centres with exclusive stores of almost all International brands. For the people who are seeking adventurous activities, there is a hiking path, which takes you to the Zobor peak from where who can get panoramic views of this city. You can also drive your rented car to the ‘National Natural Reserve at Zobor’, which are home to numerous species of animals and plants.

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