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Povazska Bystrica Car Rental

Povazska Bystrica Car Rental

Located on the Vah River, Povazska Bystrica is a beautiful town in North-West Slovakia. Povazska Bystrica is enclosed by the Strazovske Vrchy and Javorníky mountain ranges and is a major tourist spot in the upper Vah region. Intense reconstruction that took place in this town in the early seventies accounts for Povazska Bystrica’s modern look. In addition to a number of marvellous historical monuments, Povazska Bystrica has one of the most beautiful countryside where the visitors find peace and tranquillity. If you want to explore this marvellous place all by yourself, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rentals.

Povazska Bystrica - Highlights

The major attraction of Povazska Bystrica is the ‘Považský Hrad Castle’ that is located on a hill on the opposite side of the Vah River. This castle is a landmark of the town of Povazska Bystrica and has a manor house ‘Burg’ underneath it.

The tourists can hire a car from Slovakia Car Rentals and visit the ‘Manínska Tiesňava’, a breath-taking canyon situated between the Velky and Maly-Manin mountains. Also known as, the ‘narrowest canyon in Slovakia’, this area is 6km from Povazska Bystrica and is extremely popular among the rock climbers, archaeologists and the tourists because of its rare flora and fauna.

You can also drive your rented car to the ‘Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary’ which is situated in the heart of this town and has a beautiful statue of Saint Mary to which the church is dedicated.

The tourists who are looking for adventure can enjoy trekking and mountain biking in the mountains that surround Povazska Bystrica. During winters, these ranges are open for skiing.

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