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Prievidza Car Rental

Located between the Nitra and Handlovka Rivers in central western Slovakia, Prievidza is the eleventh biggest city of this country. It is one of the biggest municipalities in the Trencin region and has the maximum green area per capita in the whole of Slovakia. Prievidza is situated 69 km east of the regional capital Trenci and is an important industrial and business centre of this region. From beautiful historical churches to magnificent castles, Prievidza has everything that will delight you. If you want to visit all the attractions of this city, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental.

Prievidza - Highlights

Prievidza has beautiful attractions spread all over. The tourists can hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental and can enjoy all the attractions of this city and its nearby areas. You can start from some important cultural monuments like ‘The late Roman Church of the Virgin Mary’, the ‘Baroque church’, the ‘Parish Church of St. Bartholomew’ and the ‘Piarist Church and Monastery’.

The tourists who are interested in aviation and parachutist sport activities can visit the ‘Aero club Prievidza’, which is open for everyone.

Apart from the beautiful attractions in Prievidza, there are numerous attractions spread around this city too. You can drive your rented car to nearby locations like the town Bojnice, which lies 3km away from Prievidza. Bojnice has a very famous ‘Zoo’, which is the oldest and largest zoo in Slovakia. The ‘Bojnice castle’ is another popular tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia, located atop a huge travertine hill under which there is a travertine cave with sweet- water lakes. Another must visit attraction of Bojnice, a ‘Thermal Spa’ consisting of 9 springs, whose water is believed to have therapeutic effects.

Why Choose Slovakia Car Rental?

If you are planning to visit the beautiful and exotic city of Prievidza, take this opportunity to experience the luxury and comfort that the Slovakia Car Rental can offer you. Slovakia Car Rental offers several pick up locations and a large rental car fleet; so choosing a car that suits your needs is both economical and easy.