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Located in the Vah river valley, Trencin is the administrative centre of the Trencin Regional Government unit, Western Slovakia. Besides being a major commercial and cultural centre, Trencin is also one of the most picturesque towns of Slovakia. Having numerous small shops and big malls spread all over the place, Trencin indeed is a shopper’s paradise.


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Trencin - Highlights

The visitors can start from the ‘Town Square’, a large area accommodating various restaurants, museums, churches, art galleries, etc. Overlooking this historical square lays the famous ‘Trencin Castle’, which is built on a rocky hill and is one of the finest castles in Slovakia. The ‘Matus Caks’ tower , the symbol of Trencin is located in the middle of this castle and from its top you can get panoramic views of the Vah valley. The ‘Catholic Parish Church of the Virgin Mary’ is a beautiful church situated on the hills that leads to the Trencin Castle.

The tourists can rent a car from Slovakia Car Rental and enjoy other major attractions like the ‘Trencin synagogue’, the ‘Mierove Square’, ‘St. Michael's Carner’, the ‘Plague Pillar’, created by Vienna’s stone-cutting masters and ‘The lower city gate’ which is a six floor Gothic tower of the city gate built on a square foundation.

Trencin has abundant shopping places for the people who are fond of shopping. In addition to numerous small shops in the town square, there are big malls like the ‘Max –gen’, ‘Baumax’, ‘Tesco– Elektricna’, ‘Juzanka Shopping Centre’ and the ‘Laugaricio’.

The small ‘Ostrov’ island situated on the Vah River offers a number of leisure activities like playing squash, canoeing on the Vah River, etc.

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