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Located on the Trnávka River, in West Slovakia, Trnava is the 7th largest city of Slovakia. Trnava city is the capital of the Trnava District and is the 7th largest city of Slovakia. It has a rich historical and cultural background and is a seat of Roman-Catholic archbishopric and 2 universities.


Trnava is also known as the ‘Slovak Rome’ because of a number of beautiful churches all around this city. Being one of the oldest cities of Slovakia, Trnava has rich preserves of historical monuments and other tourist attractions. If you want to see all the attractions of Trnava, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental.

Trnava - Highlights

Trnava has a well preserved city centre and has been designated as a ‘Town’s Monument Reserve’ in 1987. The tourists can hire a car from Slovakia Car Rental and enjoy various attractions of Trnava like ‘The Holy Trinity Statue’, the ‘Trinitarian Church and Monastery’, ‘Museum of Modern Art’, ‘West-Slovakian Museum’, the ‘Franciscan Church of St. James’, ‘St. Nicolas’s Church’, ‘St. Helen’s Church’, etc.

The ‘Basilica of St. Nicholas’ is another tourist destination in Trnava that is popular for the ‘St. Nicholas Bell’, one of the largest bells in Europe. The ‘Church of St. John of Baptist’, also known as the ‘University Church’ is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe.

For the people who are fond of shopping, Trnava is a shopper’s paradise. The Stefanikova and Hlavna streets and the ‘Trinity Square’ are the traditional shopping areas of Trnava. Jednota is the oldest shopping centre of this city. The ‘Arkadia Shopping Park’ and ‘Tesco Mall’ are the major modern shopping complexes.

Why Choose Slovakia Car Rental?

Travelling around Trnava city is much easier if you avail a car hire service from Slovakia Car Rental. Travelling in your rented car will eliminate the long wait for public transport and help you save time. You can move across the city independently and make the most out of your vacation by renting a car from Slovakia Car Rental.