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Located on the convergence of Hron and Slatine rivers, Zvolen is a historic town in central Slovakia.


This town is an administrative, cultural and economic centre of the Hron River Valley and a major railway and road transport hub in Slovakia. From historic castles to beautiful churches, Zvolen has beauty spread in its every corner. If you want to see all the attractions of Zvolen independently, hire a car from Slovakia Car Rentals.

Zvolen – Highlights

Historical attractions are spread all over the town of Zvolen. ‘SNP Square’ is the oldest area and a centre of business and sightseeing in the Zvolen town. It has two magnificent churches, ‘The Lutheran-Confession Church’ and ‘The Church of St. Elizabeth the Widow’, one of the oldest churches in Slovakia. The visitors can also visit the ‘Church of St. Trinity’, which now houses the ‘Forestry and Wood sciences and Technology Museum’.

Another major attraction of Zvolen is the ‘Zvolen Castle’, a Gothic castle located atop a hill which is now a ‘National Cultural Heritage’ and also a seat of ‘Slovak National Gallery’. You can also visit the ‘Deserted Castle’, a historical centre of central Slovakia, presently an area under archeological research.

You can easily rent a car from Slovakia Car Rentals and explore the neighboring areas of Zvolen which have rich natural preserves like the ‘Mláčik National Nature Reserve’, ‘Borova Hora Arboretum’,  ‘Prosisko Nature Reserve’, ‘Gavurky Protected Area’ , the ‘Boky Nature Reserve’ and the ‘Polana Nature Reserve’, where you can enjoy rock climbing and classic hiking as well.

Why Choose Slovakia Car Rental?

Slovakia Car Rentals is one of the renowned car hiring companies offering services in entire Slovakia. You can hire a car in advance on phone or online from Slovakia Car Rentals while you plan a trip to Zvolen. A self guided tour in a car will help you explore the amazing attractions located in and around Zvolen with perfect ease.